HDT to Welcome RallyMoto™


RallyMoto™ at Laughlin'07

Ready for an adventure? We are excited to welcome RallyMoto competitors to our rally. Growing up around motorcycles, I have an intense appreciation for what you guys and gals can do with your machines. If you have not experienced a rally before – one bike at a time is sent down a closed stage road and it’s just you against the clock. Seen WRC? It’s like that but with bikes. Heard of Dakar? It’s like that but much shorter and you stick to the defined route. We have a great 6 mile closed course that has a bit of everything: fast and smooth, sandy and technical, twisty with some small elevation changes.

Two exciting things are happening in the sport right now. 1. The CRS has announced a RallyMoto championship for 2009! Several events will be on the calendar and that means more bikes at rallies! 2. You guys are starting to get serious! No more excuses calculating time controls – now is the time to get on your game. This is why we are working with the California Rally Series Rally School to offer a discount for drivers, co-drivers, and riders who attend this year’s school. Take the 2009 CRS Rally School in Ridgecrest on February 7th and two weeks later test your skills on a small, low pressure rally, right outside of town. Stay tuned for more info on the school, the discount, and the High Desert Trails Rally!

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