High Desert Trails Announces New Roads!

High Desert Trails 2011

We are pleased to announce that we will be using new roads for the 2011 event. This info was released along with our Rally Road Fly-Over Video. This video was created with Google Earth using terrain data and satellite imagery of the roads. It is a realistic representation of the stages under perfect conditions. All of the roads in the video were scouted using our stock Honda Fit. As a competitor, Kris would describe the roads as wide, smooth, and flowing. There are some fast sections and some tricky switch back sections with big elevation changes. Pictures of the actual road taken while scouting are below. We are involved about mid-process with securing the use of these roads, but felt we were far enough along to start letting our California Rally Series competitors know about the new roads and get you guys excited for our event in April. We are excited and still have a lot of work to do, but we’ll keep you posted.

We don’t want to reveal the exact route until the day of the event. I’m sure our methods can be re-produced and you could ‘discover’ the area outside of Ridgecrest that we’ll be using for the event. You are also aware of the pre-event testing rules, and the jeopardy to the event should you make a poor decision to do any rally pre-running in the area. 🙂 As I like to say: “Don’t be that guy.” – Kris

Road Pictures:

click on picture for 1024X768 hi-res

Want more?
Here’s a post on my website about how I created the HDT Fly-Over videos.
Please share the links to all THREE HDT Google Earth Fly-Over videos:
1. Full length High Desert Trails Rally New Road Video
2. Exciting preview of the 2011 High Desert Trails Roads
3. Short teaser video of the HDT rally road fly-over

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2 Responses to High Desert Trails Announces New Roads!

  1. Jim Morris says:

    Approx how many race miles and how many transit miles?
    How many different stages? Thanks….Jim

  2. Kris says:

    Hey Jim,
    A coefficient 3 is at least 60 stage miles. The stages are a reasonable distance from the hotel. The transits will most likely be short. We are looking at least 3 brand new stages.

    I think you’ll enjoy our event and our roads.
    Please join us!

    – Kris

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