DirtFish Power Stage for High Desert Trails 2012!

We’re heating up the competition for the last stage of the High Desert Trails Rally. This is as fast as it goes, flat out, race for glory, and cash where it counts – on a 10 mile long rally special stage. DirtFish Rally School in Snoqualmie, Washington knows what it takes to go fast and they’re offering $100 to the fastest 2WD and another $100 to the quickest 4WD car down the DirtFish Power Stage. DirtFish has a passion for rally driving, and offer a selection of classes that give drivers everything from “just a taste” to a three day course, where you can hone your skills in one of their Subaru all-wheel-drive rally cars.

HDT Organizer Kristopher Marciniak explains, “In WRC style, we’re going to flip the order, add appropriate gaps, and send the cars down the last stage. As the cars pull into the final time control, the team with the hot time will be handed the prize. They will hold onto it as long as their fast time stands.”

Over 25 teams composed of competitors from all over the Southwest have signed up to take the challenge of the 2012 High Desert Trails Rally and the DirtFish Power Stage!

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