QST – QST – Calling all ham radio volunteers!

The High Desert Trails Rally is a performance time trial event that will run on May 12th, 2012. Rally Racing is a motorsport where a driver and navigator (co-driver) race down closed dirt roads, one car at a time, as fast as they can. The cars race against the clock and not head-to-head. The racing sections are called Special Stages and are closed to all non-rally traffic. Performance rallies would not exist in the US without amateur radio! We rely on the skills of hundreds of volunteers to keep us safe in the woods. Hams keep track of all of the racers on the route, pass traffic, and handle emergency communications. Rally uses your skills as a communicator to the max!

Expanded last year onto the gorgeous roads of Kern County, the rally will be celebrating it’s 39th anniversary on stages south and west of Ridgecrest, California. Make sure to bring clothes to be out in the weather, sunscreen, water, and some extra snacks. As a communicator you will be out on the course all day. We will be providing a small sack lunch and waters. A mobile 2M rig is necessary and extra antenna options are always a good idea for your vehicle. Volunteers can find out more info and sign up for the rally here!

Thanks for your help! KI6IUC – HDT Organizer Kristopher Marciniak

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