Ready to partner with a great team? We’re taking the sport of stage rally to new heights in Southern California! The High Desert Trails Performance Rally in Ridgecrest, CA is quickly becoming a premiere rally event for the Southwest and the US. Our forty year history combined with our growth over the last five years – going from a tiny regional event on a seven mile private road, to a 100+ mile event on closed public roads tells the story. We love the sport of rally and we think you and your customers will too!

Can performance rally be the right fit? Only 2.5 hours from Los Angeles means the majority of our alumni competitors come from the area. You’re not just advertising and promoting the event in Ridgecrest – you’re promoting an event in the Southwest. We continue to get 25-30 teams signed up for our event every year. The demographic is made up of 80% men and 20% women. The highest percentage of men are aged 25-34 and the highest percentage of women are 35-44. Rally is very accepting of women in motorsport!

The competitors are not the only part of the picture. We support 100+ volunteers on the day of the event. This means T-Shirts and handouts getting into the hands of people who love motorsports. Safe spectator opportunities have been steadily growing at our event as well. We estimate over five hundred people will in some way see the rally cars in Parc Expose`, Service, or racing on the stages.

Get your team involved and become part of the action! We have VIP spectator and hospitality packages. We can help arrange lodging and we’ll take you out to the stages as our guest. Get the full experience on Sunday with a ride in a prepped stage rally car.

Example packages we offer:

  • Stock Level Supporter $750
    • Small Corporate Logo and SEO valid link on our site.
    • Social Media and Press Mentions
    • Vinyl banner showing your support in Parc Expose` and Service.
    • One ticket for VIP Spectator Area during the rally.
      • Other logo opportunities include: Entry and Results Pages, Stage Notes, Lanyards, and Credentials.
  • Power Stage Supporter $1000
    • Corporate Logo and SEO valid link on our site.
    • Your company directly linked with the prestige and excitement of the final stage of the rally. For example: “The Five Bravo Power Stage!”
    • Champagne and cash award may be given to the winners by you and your team.
    • Large banner at the Power Stage awards ceremony.
    • One VIP Spectator Area ticket.
  • Group 2 Level Supporter $2000
    • Corporate Logo and SEO valid link on our site.
    • Social Media and Press Mentions
    • Your corporate logo as a highly visible sticker on every rally car.
    • Several highly visible banners with your corporate logo around the event.
    • Two VIP Spectator Area tickets.
  • Open Class Level Supporter contact us
    • Title Sponsor for the Rally. For example: “High Desert Trails Rally Presented by Five Bravo!”
    • Various logo and branding opportunities with us.
    • Group VIP Spectator Area tickets.

Other opportunities:

  • T-Shirt Sponsor $1500
    • Corporate Logo on the back of our creative and collectible event T-Shirts. These are given away to 100+ volunteers and 60+ competitors.
  • Shelter Sponsor $750
    • Corporate Logo on an E-Z Up Instant Shelter. Placed in service or on the course. Used for many years this can make a lasting impression.
  • Giveawayscontact us
    • Have a sample or product that you’d like to get into the hands of our competitors and volunteers? How about a raffle prize?
    • Branded merchandise like water bottles and lanyards associate a fun day of rally with your products and services.

For sponsorship opportunities with the High Desert Trails Perfomance Rally, please contact Kristopher Marciniak.