Update 5/9/16: Thanks to all those who volunteered for High Desert Trails 2016!  We will post an update in 2017 when Volunteer Registration opens.

Working a rally is a rewarding challenge that’s a lot of fun! You get to see the event up close and get to interact with the drivers and co-drivers. Plan to spend a day outside, and plan to drive your vehicle over smooth dirt roads. We like to provide our workers with goodies like T-Shirts and lunch. Your help is always appreciated by the competitors. There are two primary jobs at all rallies:

Controls & Timing – First time at an event? You should sign up for this.
Everyone starts here first! We’ll train you on what to do.
You will be assigned to a Stage Captain who will contact you directly.
You will be working with the time cards, starting rally cars, and timing finishes.
You will be outside in the weather so plan accordingly!
Bring sunscreen and extra clothing.

Communications – Do you have your Amateur Radio License?
You will be assigned to a Communications Captain who will contact you directly.
You will be communicating on the radio net, logging, and keeping track of cars.
You will be in or near your vehicle, and may be physically blocking access.
You will need a good 2m mobile radio with an external antenna.
A backup handheld is always a good idea. “Working Communications in a Nutshell”

Registration is now open!  Please use the link below to sign up to volunteer on for HDT via the NASA Rally Sport database:

Thanks in advance for helping out!

Useful documents for all workers (more documents available upon account log in above):
2016 General Event Schedule
2016 Volunteer-Specific Schedule
Glossary of rally terms
Sample Time Cards

We will be providing waters and lunch for all registered volunteers.  As an additional incentive for participating as a volunteer for this year’s rally, we are again offering you a discounted entry at the HDT Rallycross!  For more information and to sign up for the rallycross, please visit the rallycross section of our website!  (Please note that signing up as a volunteer, which you must do first, does not automatically enter you in the rallycross.)

At-Home Training for Time Control Workers

Below are the jobs that we needed filled for HDT, with each job followed by the approximate number of volunteers we will need for that position. We have updated this list to include detailed descriptions and “at home training” for most of these jobs (in PDF format). Please take the time to read these documents if you have any questions about positions you may like to volunteer for (please note that any times listed in these example documents are approximate).

Day BEFORE the event jobs (Friday):
Technical inspection/Scrutineer (1-3) **
Course Set Up (Banners, Staking and Arrowing) (4-5) **
Competitor and/or Volunteer Registration (1-2)
** Requires experience, special skills or special equipment

Day OF the event jobs (Saturday):
Timing ControlsStage Start or Stage Finish Timing (30-40)
Main Time (Service Area) Control worker (1-2)
Road Blockage (Non-Ham)
If you have an Amateur Radio License you can also volunteer for the following positions:
Communications / Amateur Radio Operators (40-50)
Start/Finish Amateur Radio Operators (6-8) **
Course Opening Car (0, 00, 000) (2-4) **
EMT (2-3) **
Sweep/Course Closing Vehicle (3) **
Scoring (2-4)

Registered Media (digital photographers) (plus spotters) (2-4)
(Anyone wishing to request credentials as Registered Media must register and contact the organizers in advance of the rally.  Some of these volunteer positions will be assigned to a designated location for the duration of the event.  Other properly credentialed and registered media would NOT be considered as volunteers at the event.)
** Requires experience, special skills or special equipment

Jobs that require pre-event, as well as day of the event effort:
(Most of these will only require additional help on Friday day and/or evening before the rally)
Course Clean Up (will require post-event effort)
Communications Captains (4) **
Chief of Communications / Net Control (1) ** (filled)
Timing Control Captains (6-8) **
Chief of Emergency Services (1) **
Competitor Relations Officer (1) **
Service Area Steward (1) **
** Requires experience, special skills or special equipment

Disclaimer: Warning – Motor Sports is A Dangerous Activity! All workers MUST sign the event wavier to receive a wristband, which must be worn for the duration of the event.