Explanation: No RallyMoto Entries at HDT 2011

Unfortunately we didn’t get any RallyMoto interest before early entry had closed (March 8th) and we already had 32 cars on the sign-up list. We opened all the spots up for cars as detailed in our supplemental regulations. We will not be running RallyMoto bikes this year and here’s why: When we run bikes, we run a separate sweep just for them. This ensures your safety, but adds about 20 minutes to the running of each stage (regardless of the number of bikes – even for just 1 bike) so adding a single bike to an event with 20 cars makes it like running 25 cars. Our 30 car limit has to do with the time it will take to run the stages. Originally we had it open for 20 cars and 10 bikes. We were expecting about 16-18 cars and 4-5 bikes – that would have brought us to about 6:30PM. With 29 cars and 1 bike we’d be out there way past sundown.

What does this mean for RallyMoto? Sign up as soon as you can for the next RallyMoto event, and let the organizers know early that you plan to run it!

We appreciate your understanding.
– Kris

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