Competitors – Early entry for 2014

We just wanted to announce to the competitors looking to enter the 2014 event: This year the early entry deadline is March 30th (YES – that’s two weeks from this post). We realize that’s a little tight, but please understand that it supports the rally immensely. One of the things we did to help, is move the full refund date forward to April 14th, 2014. (less a $50 fee)

You’ll help the rally by putting up some cash. You have a month (from today) to get things sorted, and if it doesn’t work out, you’re only out fifty bucks. 😐 The alternative is pay the regular entry at $850 in April, which is a bump for our HDT alumni. 🙁

Most of you know that we are competitor organizers. Just like you, we want the most stages for the money, and this year the High Desert Trails package is no exception:

  • A coefficient (3),(2) event means 100+ miles of stages
  • More mileage means night stages – bring your lights!
  • That’s not more of the same stages, we’re adding new roads.
  • Fast and flowing + Tight and twisty + Power stage
  • A compact single day event with no recce` and nearby service
  • The stage notes are included (as always)
  • Vinyl backers, headers, and numbers
  • Awards dinner tickets for the team

With the stage configuration this year, we’ll be able to run more than 30 cars – your friends are signing up right now – come and join us for a great day of rally in the high desert! 😀

– Kris & Christine


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