Rally Competitors

2014 Entry Fee Schedule

Dates Entry
Early Entry begins – Thursday, March 13th (12:00 AM)
Regular Entry begins – Sunday, March 30th (12:00AM)
Late Entry begins – Sunday, April 27th (12:00AM)

Stage Notes, 2 Awards Dinner Tickets, and a full set of vinyl, including competition numbers, are included with all entries. See details in the supplemental regulations.

Please keep in mind that an entry spot is not considered accepted until the entry form is complete and payment has been received in full.

A Special Invitational (Alumni Reserved) Early Entry Fee will be offered to Alumni (any previous competitors) of the High Desert Trails Rally (1973-2013). Details are available in the supplemental regulations.

High Desert Trails Performance Rally – Saturday May 3rd, 2014
One day – compact rally (100+ stage miles)

Again this year we will also be presenting the HDT Rallycross, which will be held on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at the Desert Empire Fairgrounds, and is included in the 2014 CRS Rallycross Championship! Rally participants (drivers and co-drivers) in this year’s event, will again be offered a discounted entry at the HDT Rallycross.  For more information and to sign up for the rallycross (requires a separate entry), please visit the rallycross section of our website.

How to enter the event:
We utilize the NASA Rally Sport database for registration.  Please keep in mind that all information in this system is verified manually and can take 24-36 hours to update.  So please re-check your entry after a few days to ensure you qualify for Express Registration!

Please click here to register!

Current Rally Car Entry List

Never used the NASA Rally Sport database?
Check out this short (3 minute) video that shows you how!

Useful Information – GRRs and Applications
NASA National Rally Championship rules
Pacific Rally Cup Regulations and Points Inquiry Form (Posted 4/25/14)
NASA Rally Sport GRRs for Rallies
NASA Rally Sport GRRs for Car Classes
NRS Sticker Locations (see below)
NASA Membership Application ($45)
NASA Rally Sport Competition License Application ($50)
2014 CRS Rulebook (for CRS class rules)
2014 CRS Competitor Membership Application or online ($30)
Sample Time Cards
HDT Stage Schedule 2014 (v1)
HDT Stage Schedule 2014 (v2)
HDT Final Stage Schedule 2014 (v3)

Supplemental Regulations:
HDT Supps 2014 v1.pdf
HDT Supps 2014 v2.pdf (Posted 4/25/14)  Highlighted changes include minor edits: Personnel updates and changes, mileage updates, Power Stage and Contingency Prize descriptions, and Appendix 5 – important information about speeding on transits.
A non-highlighted copy will be provided with your Stage Notes, but please take the time to look over these changes and updates.

Competitor Appearance

At High Desert Trails, we try hard to present a professional appearance to the public at all times. We expect clean rally cars with a properly applied sticker package. Clean doesn’t mean ‘NEW’, it means that the last rally has been washed off the car, glass is clean, and the stickers and numbers are bright and visible. We are proud to be a NASA Rally Sport event, and the stickers and banners from other sanctioning bodies must be completely covered or removed. An inexpensive rectangle of white vinyl is going to look a lot better in photos and after a day of rallying than some race tape hastily applied. Tape (of any sort) is an unacceptable covering.

HDT will be providing the 17″ x 6″ event decal and a set of black numbers for your car.
NASA Rally Sport will be providing the 17″ x 6″ header and a 12″ x 12″ number backer.
You are expected to have at the very minimum a 29″ X 12″ area clear of other stickers.

Numbers not on a white or yellow backer or that are hard to read must be remedied before the start of the event. Driver and Co-driver names on the vehicle are encouraged.

NRS Sticker Locations